Thursday, May 03, 2012

telecommunications economics

Evolution and Regulation of Mobile Ecosystems:European Information Society Policies for the Mobile Search Domain 

International Roaming of Mobile Services:The Need for Regulation

Mobile Regulation for the Future

Trademarks as a Telecommunications Indicatorfor Industrial Analysis and Policy

Introduction to Social and Policy Implicationsof Communication Technologies

Mobile Communications of the Needy and Poor:Affordability Indicators, European Data, Social Tariffs

Implications of mHealth Service Deployments: A Comparison between Dissimilar European Countries

Social Communication Behaviors of Virtual Leaders

Policy Implications of Digital Television

Introduction to Economics and Governanceof Future Networks

Public Intervention in the Deployment of NGNs

Public Private Partnerships and Next Generation Networks

Internet Governance and Economicsof Network Neutrality

Green Networks and Green Tariffsas Driven by User Service Demand

Environmental Impact of ICT on the Transport Sector

Cost-Efficient NGN Rollout

Software Business in the Telecommunications Sector

Introduction to Future Networks ManagementArchitectures and Mechanisms

Economics of Quality of Experience

Decision Support in Contract Formationfor Commercial Electronic Serviceswith International Connection

Competition among Telecommunication Providers

Economic Traffic Management:Mechanisms and Applications

Autonomic Management of Mobile and Wireless Networks

On the Provision of Advanced TelecommunicationServices in Rural Areas

Electrical Power Systems Protectionand Interdependencies with ICT

Towards Quantitative Risk Managementfor Next Generation Networks

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