Saturday, May 26, 2012


A Server’s Perspective of Internet Streaming Delivery to Mobile Devices 
Characterizing Geospatial Dynamics of ApplicationUsage in a 3G Cellular Data Network
Threshold Compression for 3G Scalable Monitoring
Cache Capacity Allocation for BitTorrent-likeSystems to Minimize Inter-ISP Traffic
Network Optimization for DHT-based Applications
CitySee: Urban CO2 Monitoring with Sensors
Unreeling Netflix: Understanding and ImprovingMulti-CDN Movie Delivery
The Bloom Paradox:When not to Use a Bloom Filter?
Tracking Millions of Flows In High SpeedNetworks for Application Identification
Firewall Fingerprinting
Socialize Spontaneously with Mobile Applications
Traffic Anomaly Detection Based on theIP Size Distribution
iBGP Deceptions: More Sessions, Fewer Routes
Extensive Analysis and Large-Scale EmpiricalEvaluation of Tor Bridge Discovery
Transparent acceleration of software packetforwarding using netmap
Vivisecting YouTube: An Active MeasurementStudy
China's Internet: Topology Mapping and Geolocating
Characterizing end-host application performanceacross multiple networking environments
A Fresh Look at Inter-Domain Route Aggregation 
Open WiFi Networks: Lethal Weapons for Botnets?
Using host profiling to refine statistical application identification
Argus: End-to-End Service Anomaly Detection andLocalization From an ISP’s Point of View
Estimating Age Privacy Leakagein Online Social Networks
SocialTube: P2P-assisted Video Sharing in OnlineSocial Networks
Profiling Skype Video Calls: Rate Control andVideo Quality
The Growth of Diaspora - A Decentralized OnlineSocial Network in the Wild
Analysis of peering strategy adoption by transit providers in the Internet
An Economic Side-Effect for Prefix Deaggregation
A Tale of Three CDNs: An Active MeasurementStudy of Hulu and Its CDNs

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