Wednesday, May 09, 2007


802.16 (WiMax) aja belum banyak dideploy ini orang-orang dah mau bikin 802.20 :-)
saya kutipkan dari IEEE wireless communications Feb 2007, vol.14, no.1.

1.the emerging IEEE 802.20 standard, as known as mobile broadband wireless access. they provide an introduction to the activities with regard to this standard, including purpose and scope that the specification defines.

2.the purpose and scope of the IEEE 802.20 standard are very ambitious. the IEEE 802.20 will fill the gap between cellular networks (low bandwidth and high mobility) and other 802 wireless networks (high bandwidth and low mobility) currently use such as IEEE 802.11 WLANs and IEEE 802.16 WMANs.

3.the IEEE 802.20 standard is being designed with a modular approach in mind. this modularity means that there should be a clear separation of functionality in the system between the user, data, and control.

4.IEEE 802.20 is fundamentally data-centric and addresses these issues by targeting significantly higher spectral efficiency, lower latencies, and improved user experience. this technical differentiation provides for wide market potential not adequately addressed by 3G systems.

ya kita liat saja barang 3-5 tahun kedepan :-)

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Ibrahim / Ibam said...

Setahu saya 802.20 itu sangat mirip dengan 802.16e (mobile wimax). Dulu pernah denger cerita orang, 802.16e adalah teknologi 802.20 yang ditaruh pada 802.16.
Untuk mobile broadband, beberapa tahun kedepan kayaknya perang antara mobile wimax vs LTE.