Thursday, June 07, 2012


Learning the Nature of Information in Social Networks
People Are Strange When You're a Stranger: Impact and Influence of Bots on Social Networks
Modeling Polarizing Topics: When Do Different Political Communities Respond Differently to the Same News?
The Pulse of News in Social Media: Forecasting Popularity
Cross-Community Influence in Discussion Fora
Grief-Stricken in a Crowd: The Language of Bereavement and Distress in Social Media
Extracting Diverse Sentiment Expressions with Target-Dependent Polarity from Twitter
The Livehoods Project: Utilizing Social Media to Understand the Dynamics of a City
Not All Moods Are Created Equal! Exploring Human Emotional States in Social Media
You Too?! Mixed-Initiative LDA Story Matching to Help Teens in Distress
War Versus Inspirational in Forrest Gump: Cultural Effects in Tagging Communities An Interest Network for Informal Learning
Distributional Footprints of Deceptive Product Reviews
Grassroots Professional Development: How Teachers Use Twitter
Exploring Social-Historical Ties on Location-Based Social Networks
Defense Mechanism or Socialization Tactic? Improving Wikipedia’s Notifications to Rejected Contributors
Who Does What on the Web: A Large-Scale Study of Browsing Behavior
SearchBuddies: Bringing Search Engines into the Conversation
Virality and Susceptibility in Information Diffusions
What Were the Tweets About? Topical Associations between Public Events and Twitter Feeds
Temporal Motifs Reveal the Dynamics of Editor Interactions in Wikipedia
OMG, I Have to Tweet that! A Study of Factors that Influence Tweet Rates
Event Diffusion Patterns in Social Media
Around the Water Cooler: Shared Discussion Topics and Contact Closeness in Social Search
The Emergence of Conventions in Online Social Networks
Geographic Dissection of the Twitter Network
#bias: Measuring the Tweeting Behavior of Propagandists
Modeling Diffusion in Social Networks Using Network Properties
On the Study of Social Interactions in Twitter
Crossing Media Streams with Sentiment: Domain Adaptation in Blogs, Reviews and Twitter
Have You Heard?: How Gossip Flows Through Workplace Email
Hiding in Plain Sight: A Tale of Trust and Mistrust inside a Community of Citizen Reporters
On the Study of Diurnal Urban Routines on Twitter
Don't Disturb My Circles! Boundary Preservation Is at the Center of Location-Sharing Concerns
Evolution of Experts in Question Answering Communities
Managing Bad News in Social Media: A Case Study on Domino’s Pizza Crisis
Modeling Destructive Group Dynamics in On-Line Gaming Communities
The Social World of Twitter: Topics, Geography, and Emotions
Facebook and Privacy: The Balancing Act of Personality, Gender, and Relationship Currency
Coping with the Document Frequency Bias in Sentiment Classification
Modeling Spread of Disease from Social Interactions
Privacy in Interaction: Exploring Disclosure and Social Capital in Facebook
Facebook, Youth and Privacy in Networked Publics
The Length of Bridge Ties: Structural and Geographic Properties of Online Social Interactions
The YouTube Social Network
Automatic Versus Human Navigation in Information Networks

SMILE: An Informality Classification Tool for Helping to Assess Quality and Credibility in Web 2.0 Texts
A Systematic Investigation of Blocking Strategies for Real-Time Classification of Social Media Content into Events
Using Complex Event Processing for Modeling Semantic Requests in Real-Time Social Media Monitoring
Unsupervised Real-Time Company Name Disambiguation in Twitter
Hybrid Browser / Server Collection of Streaming Social Media Data for Scalable Real-Time Analysis
Aggregating Social Media for Enhancing Conference Experience
Trendminer: An Architecture for Real Time Analysis of Social Media Text

Web-Based Visual Analytics for Social Media
Visualizing Instagram: Tracing Cultural Visual Rhythms
Visualization of the Public’s Opinion on Politically Influential Tweets
Visualizing a Personal Timeline By Adding Multiple Social Contexts
A Temporal Analysis of Posting Behavior in Social Media Streams
Distilling Massive Amounts of Data into Simple Visualizations: Twitter Case Studies
Visualizing Information Diffusion and Polarization with Key Statements
Cultural Analytics of Large Datasets from Flickr

Visualizing Media Bias through Twitter
What Sticks With Whom? Twitter Follower-Followee Networks and News Classification
Towards Social Semantic Journalism

FoodMood: Measuring Global Food Sentiment One Tweet at a Time
#Londonsburning: Integrating Geographic, Topical and Social Information during Crisis
Mapping Community Engagement with Urban Crowd-Sourcing
Empowering Civic Participation in the Policy Making Process through Social Media
Using Social Media to Infer Gender Composition of Commuter Populations
Feasibility Study on Detection of Transportation Information Exploiting Twitter as a Sensor
OurCity: Understanding How Visualization and Aggregation of User-Generated Content Can Engage Citizens in Community Participation
Social Media and Citizen Engagement in a City-State: A Study of Singapore

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