Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10 network papers that changed the world

from SIGCOMM CCR Volume 37, number 5, Oct 2007.
by George Varghese, UCSD

1.R.Metcalfe and D.Boggs, "Ethernet: distributed packet switching for local computer networks", Communications of the ACM, v.19 n.7, p.395-404, July 1976.
2.J.Slatzer, D.Clark, and K.Pogran. "Why a Ring?" IEEE seventh data communications symposium, Oct 1981, pp.211-217.
3.A.G.Fraser, "Towards a universal data transport system", IEEE journal on selected areas in communication, SAC-1,5, Nov 1983.
4.R.Perlman "An algorithm for distributed computation of a spanning tree in a extended LAN", proceedings of the 9th symposium on data communications, v.20, n.7, 1985, pp.44-52.
5.R.Perlman, "Fault tolerant broadcast of routing information", Computer networks vol.7, 1983, pp.395-405.
6.Y.Dalal and R.Metcalfe, "Reverse path forwarding of broadcast packets", Communications of the ACM, c.21, n.12, Dec 1978, pp.1040-1048.
7.R.Tomlinson, "Selecting sequence numbers", Proceedings of the ACM Sigcomm/SigOPS interprocess communication workshop, Santa Monica, CA, March 24, 1975.
8.Richard W Watson, "Timer based mechanism in reliable transport protocol connection management", Computer networks 5, 1981, pp.47-56.
9.A.Birrell and B.Nelson, "Implementating Remote Procedure Calls", ACM transactions on computer systems, vol.2, no.1, Oct 1984, p.39-58.
10.N.Kronenberg, H.Levy, and W.Strecker, "VAX clusters: A closely-coupled distributed system", ACM transactions on Computer systems, vol.4, no.2, May 1986, pp.130-146.


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