Friday, February 23, 2007

Apricot 2007

Apricot is Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies event. This annual event now being held in Bali, Indonesia. You can read the program of Apricot 2007 on It's the first time for Indonesia become Apricot host. Apricot is important event for not only for network engineer in ISPs or companies but also for Internet community in Asia-Pacific. It's become place to study new Internet technology and new Internet operation directly from the expert. Many tutorial and workshop sessions in Apricot, such as IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), DNS, Internet routing, VoIP (Voice over IP) and Network security. Everyone can choose the tutorial and workshop on their interest.
From my experience when I was on Apricot 2004 at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, this event is very usefull, beside getting new knowledge you can also get contact persons from other regions. So you can expand your business and skill to other regions.

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